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By using this website, personal data will in principle not be disclosed. The Webhosting-Provider makes anonymous statistics available to us. Those statistics show which of our sites have been visited, which other website you have visited before, your IP-Address and which Internet-Browser you are using.


This website uses Cookies to adjust it to your device. Cookies are markers, which allow the webserver to identify your computer during you are visiting our website. Most Browsers are pre-set to allow Cookies. This function can be deactivated. In case of a deactivation, this website may not be displayed proper. You can delete cookies from your computer at any time.


If you use this websites to transfer personal data (e.g. E-Mail-Address, Name, Address, Documents, Contracts etc.)  to us, your data will be stored on the servers of our Webhosting-Provider and on computers of the law firm. We use a SSL Security-Certificate to protect your data during the transfer.  Your personal data will only be used to fulfill our service for you. For example to check your contract of lease, to legally represent you or to answer your legal questions. To fulfill the legal service for you, the personal data can be transferred to other lawyers. Your personal data will be deleted, if it is not needed anymore to fulfill our service and the obligation to keep it for taxation and accounting has ended.


You are entitled to have any personal data deleted, which is not needed to fulfill our service and the obligation to keep it for taxation and accounting. In this case, please contact us by E-Mail:


Last update of this privacy policy: December 18th 2017




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